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The Companionship of Schools

Public and Grammar School in Szalowa


The Companionship of Schools - Public and Grammar School in Szalowa has a long tradition and history.

A very old chronicle is a prime and reliable source of information for us nowadays.

One of the first sentences which was written there goes like this:’ This school was established in 1857 as a parish school’.

Stanisław Muszyński who was a priest then, done his best to establish this school. He assigned an old presbytery building for the first school. There was a flat for the teacher as well.

The accommodation conditions were very bad and that is why consecutives teachers had to resign from the job. For this reason learning broke off and on.

During the ages there were more and more students and in 1893 one more class was formed.

In 1889 the new school building was built. What is more, at the same time a group of people responsible for the educational matters in the country decided to reform that school as two classes project.

On the 4th of December 1899 the new school building was consecrated.

As years went by more and more teachers were employed.

In 1914 there were four of them already. Instead of usual classes there were also additional ones, for example: buttons making, what is really strange for us nowadays.

What is more, students with teachers altogether were preparing Nativity plays for local community.

Szalowa’s school history is closely connected with our homeland.

During the 1st World War from 1914 to 1919 there weren’t any activities organised by teachers. The school was closed because the army took classrooms for their needs.

In 1924 the school was changed into four classes school.

There were 162 students altogether.

In 1925 there were organised additional courses for illiterates and half illiterates.

During the next few years many ceremonies for inhabitants were arranged there.

What is more, in1929 there was a fashion and sewing course for people from Szalowa.

The reading- room was set up in 1931/32. Its memberships organised lectures and discussions which concerned problems and history of our homeland.

In 1932 the common room for youth from 14 to 18 years old was set up.

The agricultural and social course for farmers was carried out . 100 of them took part in it.

During the interwar period Szalowa’s school was the cultural centre, which took care of the intellectual and cultural development of students and their parents.

There were lots of cultural events and different interesting courses.

The 2nd World War outbreak didn’t interrupt teaching.

When teachers couldn’t teach at school, they did it in private houses.

In 1942 there were 260 students who attended classes regularly.

The agricultural school, for boys who had graduated the primary school, was established in this building.

In 1944 teaching was suspended till 1945 because German gendarmerie occupied the school.

When the 2nd World War finished people willingly started to rebuild their school.

The Enlarge School Committee was set up.

Its leader was Stanisław Pękala - the priest.

1st September 1946 – the school had five big classrooms , three smaller ones and two big corridors.

At the same time the building was consecrated. Szalowa’s inhabitants, in the act of the acknowledgment to Stanisław Pękala, put the plaque on the corridor’s wall.

This is how they wanted to thank him for his commitment in rebuilding the school after the war.

Because of better local conditions the school library, student’s government and some other organisations started to develop.

The courses for adults were still continued.

In 1975/76 the school was rebuilt and as the consequence in 1983 there were eight classrooms, two changing rooms, toilets and the school library available for students.

The teacher’s flat as well as the central heating was renovated.

As a result of the educational reform in 1998/99 The Primary School in Szalowa changed its name into The Primary School and The Public Grammar School in Łużna, - a branch in Szalowa.

Later on, in 2001/2002 it was changed into The Companionship of Schools – the Primary School and the Grammar school in Szalowa.

From then lots of didactic successes as well as other improvements have been noticed.

Not only the teachers, but also parents were deeply involved into improving school conditions.

In 2003 the new gym was built.

Children have been using it since 23rd October 2004. What is more, four new classrooms have been also available from that time.

Additionally, the school monitoring was installed.

In 2004/2005 the windows in the old part of the school building were replaced by the new ones.

It is said that the school in Szalowa is really a modern one.

It cultivates tradditions, the teachers are well prepared to teach and cooperate with students and what is more, it is still the cultural centre for Szalowa’s inhabitants, as it was years ago.

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